Lot 60 Front (2)
1667 York Butte SE Full Res-6
1679 York Butte SE MLS-10
1667 York Butte SE Full Res-22
7124 Lone Pine SE Full Res-17
1667 York Butte SE Full Res-1
1830 York Butte Ave SE MLS-15
1667 York Butte SE Full Res-7
1679 York Butte SE MLS-1
7124 Lone Pine SE Full Res-26
1887 York Butte SE MLS-3
1830 York Butte Ave SE MLS-30
7181 Clover Creek SE MLS-12
1728 York Butte SE MLS-1
1830 York Butte Ave SE MLS-2
1744 Juniper Butte SE Full Res-28
7124 Lone Pine SE Full Res-42
1744 Juniper Butte SE Full Res-1
1744 Juniper Butte SE Full Res-34
7181 Clover Creek SE MLS-1
7124 Lone Pine SE Full Res-40
Clover Creek-19
7112 Lone Pine SE MLS-1
1763 Juniper Butte SE Full Res-23
1667 York Butte SE Full Res-2
Clover Creek-16
Clover Creek-9
1744 Juniper Butte SE Full Res-10
7112 Lone Pine SE MLS-22
Lot 40 dining kitchen
1667 York Butte SE Full Res-28
1763 Juniper Butte SE Full Res-22
1790 York Butte SE MLS-1
7112 Lone Pine SE MLS-11
1679 York Butte SE MLS-17
7088 Watson Creek SE MLS-7
1679 York Butte SE MLS-23
1679 York Butte SE MLS-25
1679 York Butte SE MLS-33
1679 York Butte SE MLS-34
7181 Clover Creek SE MLS-4
1834 Juniper Butte Ave SE MLS-1
1806 York Butte SE MLS-24
1887 York Butte SE MLS-18
1887 York Butte SE MLS-14
7088 Watson Creek SE MLS-10



Passion and Excellence In Craftsmanship

Wind River Homes is a home builder based out of Salem Oregon. Honor and character guide all of our decisions in home building. Working and hiring only the best contractors, our personal attention to detail in all of our homes has allowed us to earn the business of homeowners all across America.

Humble beginnings...

Owner/Operator Rich Tovar started working in the construction business 25 years ago. He prides himself on his humble beginnings, having worked on the construction of houses as a subcontractor for years before becoming a general contractor.


Building from that perspective has made attention to detail at each step of construction his cornerstone. Rich knows that If each part of construction is handled correctly, there aren’t problems down the line. 


Accompanied by the attention to detail is an innovative design process that strives to always constantly be setting the bar for custom built homes.

A great home starts with a great team...

Over the past several years we have developed our team of subcontractors who are as passionate as we are to be working towards building the best homes for our customers. 


We understand that this is more than just a construction job. We are building future communities all over Oregon and that’s what motivates us day in and day out to provide nothing but our best effort and exceptional results.

Growing for our customer...

We are a growing company but our reputation with our customers is still our main focus.  We are pleased to be starting our very own subdivision this year to have the full home building experience provided by Wind River Homes LLC.​

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Homes for Sale

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